Password Manager XP


Securely store passwords, logins or any other private info



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If you have important data in your computer and you need to have them carefully stored, you need a program like Password Manager XP.

Not only can Password Manager XP store and keep safe your passwords and logins but it also allows you to store any kind of data and keyprotect them.

You will be able to choose the algorithm which will protect your data. Logins, passwords, credit card numbers, access codes, PIN codes, important files and more, all of them will be safe if you protect them with Password Manager XP.

Finally, by this way you will be able to have different logins and passwords for each website because you won't have to worry if you forget one of them, you'll only have to run it and check the login and password you need.

Besides, the program comes with an option to automatically exit databases when idle for a set period of time, which decreases the likelihood of stealing your data when leave your computer with application running.
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